This summer be the star of the show by arriving to the BBQ with a fully prepared

Brimstone Brisket or Slab of Ribs


Our handling of this piece of meat is all about slow and low. First, we fully rub each brisket with our house made coffee-spice blend; then we lay it overnight in a dark cooler to cure and finally it gets introduced to the smoker, where is will spend 10-12 hours slowly smoking.

All that ends in a brisket full of deep flavor with the perfect mix of spice and smoke. We will send you on your way with heating instructions so that the slow and low process we put the meat through is perfectly finished at your party.

Each Unsliced Smoked Whole BBQ Brisket serves 14-16 people (depending on appetites). And comes with both our Sissy & Sassy BBQ sauces.

Each whole brisket weighs approximately 8lbs  $185


We use the St. Louis Ribs in our kitchen; they are larger and meatier than their baby back cousins and are located at the bottom of the ribs - close to the belly. The pork ribs are seasoned with our house made spice & honey blend and smoked for 3-5 hours. We make sure each rack has the exact amount of “bite” and flavor. Don’t expect the ribs to be sticky with honey, that luscious flavor is smoked into the meat during the process.

Each Whole Smoked Rack serves 2-3 people (depending on appetites). And comes with both our Sissy & Sassy BBQ sauces.                                                                 $50.00


Pre-order required.  That’s the nature of really good BBQ - slow and low takes time. Place your order at least one week in advance.

Call 253-858-2709 or click the email below to place your pre-order